Kmart has launched a huge clearance sale on popular items — with prices starting from as little as 10 cents.

The budget retailer has slashed the prices off more than 2200 products, including homeware, furniture, clothing, tech, toys, big ticket items and Christmas stock.

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Shoppers have been raving about the great deals on social media after they managed to walk away with trolleys filled to the brim with the best bargain buys.

“We were at a store the other day when they suddenly dropped it all to 20c. We got four trolley loads, one hundred items, all for $20,” one shared.

Another said: “I got so many things for only $20 altogether.”

One customer said the sale at his store felt like “Hunger Games” after many discovered the 10c sale.

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Shopper Claudia shared her rave reviews after she scored a range of homeware items for only 10 cents each.

“Run to Kmart — they’re having a 10c sale,” she said in a now-viral video.

“Not just on Christmas wrapping papers and baubles — actual dining sets, glassware, mugs… I got lights for 10c. I got four dessert bowls and glasses for 10c. There are a few other things for 10c that I’d probably use throughout the year.

“Things were flying off the shelves very fast and probably won’t be any stock… The Kmart store five minutes down the road (from me) did not have these sales so call ahead and double check.”

If there’s still a lot of stock at the store, Claudia suggested: “I’d be watching like a hawk if you still have heaps there. They will need to get rid of everything for school supplies.”

However, not everyone has been lucky with the sales — with some Kmart employees pointing out the discounts varies from store to store.

Shopper Claudia shared her rave reviews after she scored a range of homeware items for only 10 cents.  Credit: @claudiashops

“Disclaimer: It’s up to the store manager to decide the markdowns for Christmas stuff so it differs at each store,” one said.

Another suggested: “As a Kmart worker, I can say that each store chooses the fixed price for Christmas lines depending on event margins. Hence why different Kmart locations will have different prices.”

One added: “These are manager markdowns on Christmas stock, won’t be the same in every store.”

Another suggested: “Not all stores do the same prices. I know for my store we started the markdowns at $1 and a few days after put it down to 10c. But not all Christmas stock — beauty was around $1-$2, can’t remember exactly but licensed items were like $5 and under. Clothes $1 and more expensive items like the giant reindeers were $5.”

For big ticket items, shoppers can expect to find great deals — including a Hamptons-style wardrobe from $99 (was $139), $49 gaming chair (was $139), $99 kitchen trolley (was $149), $299 exercise bike (was $499), $179 dryer (was $249) and $399 top load washing machine (was $549).

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